Friday, 2 January 2009

the tree is down!

We took the Christmas tree down this afternoon. And all the other decorations as well. The livingroom looks weird without the tree and it's strange going upstairs without encountering the tinsel that was wrapped around the banister.

I wonder where the stray decoration will be this year. No matter how careful you are when you take them down, there's always one that gets left - stuck on a door or a wall that's not often looked at. Or, more embarrassing, stuck on something that does get looked at often and you just don't see it stuck there in all its glory.

It's kind of sad to see it all get packed away but it's also kind of nice. It clears the decks in readiness for a new start. A new year. A year when I *might* clean out all the drawers in the house. 61 apparently, according to Joanna and Douglas who counted them. Is it any wonder I have next to no enthusiasm to get started on that gargantuan task? :oO

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