Saturday, 31 January 2009

Facebook is not for me

I thought I'd have a go at Facebook the other day so I registered and then sat and thought "what now?".

Joanna asked to be my friend so I okayed that. I looked at her page and her friends and all the people I knew needed me to be their friend to let me see their page. Fair enough but maybe I didn't want to be their friend! :oP

Today I got an e-mail saying Debbie had left me a message on Facebook so over I went to add her to my friends but there was nothing to click. Weird!

So then I started wondering why I had even bothered starting a Facebook page when I didn't really want to be there. I didn't want to write on anyone's wall or have my wall written on either. None of it appealed to me so I deactivated it.

Did you know that when you deactivate your Facebook account, you have to give a reason? Well, I suppose you wouldn't unless you'd deactivated yourself! You know now!

I clicked something like "I don't find Facebook useful". Well, blow me, a box appeared telling me how I could make it useful. The same kind of box appeared for all the options they gave so I finally clicked "other" and just wrote in the box "Facebook is not for me".


  1. I had that same thing happen on another online site. And it really irritated the fire out of me! I don't want to use your site, now leave me alone. This is like the boy in school who asks a girl out and when she says no, he says, "well why not?".

  2. Hey there! Just stoppin in to say Hi! Hope all is going great! And...I agree with you...I'm not a facebook fan either! Have a great rest of your week & weekend! :O)


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