Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Big Wow and 2 Wee Wows!

I finished the lion for Debbie - or rather for Emily and Isla. Let me take you through the process.

First of all I cut out all the pieces.

Then I sewed the body up as for as I could.

I needed to wait for the stuffing I'd ordered (from Dunelm Mill) to come before I could do more with the body so I made up all the rest of the bits. The tail:

The mane and the ears:

And the bits for the face:

Then I got this wild idea. As I had fur fabric leftover, why not make a mini version? In fact, why not make 2 mini versions? Honestly. I do have to wonder about my sanity sometimes!!

Anyway, I printed out the pattern at 200%. The big lion was printed out at 599% so 200% was going to work out at about a third of the full size so it would finish at about 11" long. Perfect for a wee cuddly lion! So, I cut out the pieces:

Sewed the bodies up to the ready-for-stuffing stage:

Made the tails, manes and ears:

I had enough stuffing to stuff them so I did that and then sewed on the manes and tails.

Then I sewed on their faces and ears and here they are.

OMG Aren't they just fab?

The stuffing arrived for the big lion the next day - perfect timing! - so I got him stuffed.

And here he is with all his other bits attached.

I am sooooooo pleased with him. He really is gorgeous!

As we wait to be allowed to go and visit family, the lions are all lying about in the living room. I smile every single time I look at them!

Now, you might be wondering what the title of this post is about. Well, Emily has a lion hand puppet which she calls "Wow". When Debbie and Joanna and I were discussing what the name of the big lion could be, Debbie said it had to be "Big Wow". Perfect! Then, when I made to 2 mini versions, Joanna said that they just had to be called "Wee Wows". Hilarious!


  1. Gah - so darn cute! 🦁🦁🦁 Looking forward to my own Wee Wow for Christmas! 🤣

    1. I don't have enough fur to make another one ... unless a purple lion would do??? 🦁🤣


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