Monday, 9 May 2016


I've been nominated by my blogging friend Jo from throughthekeyhole for the Liebster blog award. Thanks, Jo!

The "rules" are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to his/her blog. ✔︎
2. Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge to your post. ✔︎
3. Answer the ten questions you've been asked. (✔︎ see below)
4. Create ten new questions for the bloggers you are nominating. (✔︎ see below)
5. Notify the bloggers that you have nominated. (see below)

1. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
We went to see the newest Star Wars film. I was a bit worried about it as I didn't like the second batch of Star Wars films (the ones that supposedly told the story before the original films) but it was great!

2. Where would be your ideal place to live, town, country or coast?
We live in a town on the east coast of Scotland so that's 2 out of the three! We've also lived bang in the middle of the country and it had its moments! Being cut off for 2 full days due to snow (no electricity/heating) wasn't much fun, let me tell you!

3. Do you have any pets?
Not of our own. We look after Joanna's dog, Tilly, when she's at work and, at the moment, that's enough.

4. What is your favourite area of the UK?
Scotland. I am, of course, slightly biased, but, in my humble opinion, you just can't beat it!

5. What song annoys you?
"Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd. I was teaching when it came out and, regularly would walk down the school corridors at the change of classes only to hear "We don't need no education" being sung by the masses. I did try to tell my classes that the very fact that they were saying those words meant that they did indeed need an education but the double-negative explanation fell on deaf ears - or stupid ears - or both. Now, even after all the years between, I HATE that song!

6. What three things would you take to a desert island?
Sun-tan lotion, a whole library of books and Douglas.

7. If you were given a million pounds, what would you spend it on?
A big house with a huge kitchen, lots of rooms for hobbies and a garden.

8. What would be your last meal?
Roast chicken, roast potatoes, oatmeal stuffing, carrots and gravy followed by cheesecake for pudding.

9. Have you ever met anyone famous?
Douglas and I met Paul Laidlaw who appears on "Bargain Hunt" and "Flog It" and some other antiques programmes on the BBC. He is such a lovely man - and fascinating to talk to!

10. What's your favourite take away?
I don't remember when we last had a take-away! If I had to choose, it'd probably be your bog-standard fish and chips.

Now, I know I'm supposed to nominate people for this award and tell them I've nominated them but I don't do that. So, what I'm going to say is, here are 10 questions. If you feel the urge to answer them, go for it. If you don't, that's fine too!

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
2. When you go somewhere are you early, on time or late?
3. Do you listen to music in your car?
4. Are you left- or right-handed?
5. What colour are your eyes?
6. What shoe size are you?
7. Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
8. Do you play a musical instrument?
9. What's your current desktop picture on your computer?
10. What's your favourite Disney movie?

Thanks again for nominating me, Jo. It was fun to answer your questions - and hard to think of 10 to ask!


  1. I loved reading your answers, Anne! You made me laugh about the Pink Floyd song. I used to be an English teacher at the high school level and I was constantly horrified by the things my kids would sing - the bad English as much as the sex/violence/drugs/etc. referenced in a typical song.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I still shudder when I hear that song and, if I can, I'll fast forward to the next track to avoid listening to it!

  2. Great Anne and thank you for accepting the award and explaining how you've handled it, as I was nominated too (just found out) and sort of panicked as I can't pass it on, so maybe I'll do it the same as you, after I've asked Jo.
    It's lovely getting to know you a bit more, as I'd never realised you were a teacher. Take care.

    1. Thanks, Susan. I taught Maths for 4½ years and can honestly say I hated it and couldn't wait to get pregnant so I could give it up!

  3. 1. coco pops 2. early or on time (I hate being late) 3. I used to but found all the radio stations annoying, so now I listen to an audio book 4. right-handed 5. brown 6. 5 7. yes! 8. No but I always wanted to 9. planet Earth 10. jungle book.

    I loved that song at the time but I can see how much it would bug a teacher!

    1. Thanks for answering the questions here, Fran. Why didn't I think of that as an option? LOL

  4. Fun post, 1. soft boiled egg, 2. early or on time, I like to collect myself, 3. not usually 4. left 5. 6, but these days it seems to sizes are all over the place 7. yes 8. no 9. A scene taken from our mountain terrace looking at the view 10. jungle book xcx

    1. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions, Chrissie. Your desktop picture sounds fascinating!

  5. Haha -- what a fun post! I don't think you're biased at all -- Scotland is amazing! I laughed at the Pink Floyd comment, I don't think I've ever had oatmeal stuffing (but love the rest of your last meal), and I loved that you would remember to take Douglas with you to a desert island LOL. And I would just like to say YES to question #7 -- all my internet friends that I've never met are imaginary friends LOL!!!

    1. Thanks, Anna. Taking Douglas with me is for my own benefit - he'd be spider-getting-rid-of-man and anything else that might be there that I wouldn't want to be there! LOL

      Thinking of your internet friends as imaginary friends is genius! LOL

  6. Ha ha, I love your answer about the annoying song. I'll answer the questions you've set now, only fair!
    1. Half a grapefruit (I'm trying to lose weight again!).
    2. I'm always early, I hate being late.
    3. My car is very old (16) so the cd player is too. It doesn't work very well and I can only get one CD to work in it so I have that playing over and over again. It's a compilation which Mick made for me.
    4. I'm right-handed.
    5. My eyes are brown.
    6. I take a size 6 shoe.
    7. I've never had an imaginary friend but my sister had two called Joyce and Ding. I don't know where the name Ding came from.
    8. I had piano lessons when I was a child but I only took my first exam so I can tinker but can't play. I used to play the recorder and treble recorder at school.
    9. I don't put my own desktop pictures on my laptop, I just use the ones which are pre-installed and they change daily.
    10. I love Disney movies. The Lion King is my favourite, I just love the sentiment behind it, the whole circle of life thing, but I love The Fox and the Hound too.
    Thanks for accepting the award, I've really enjoyed reading your answers.

    1. Thanks again for awarding me, Jo. I love your answers to my questions! I said a wee "awwww" at the idea of Mick making you a CD equivalent of a mix-tape!

  7. Good to read your answers! Well done on the award!

  8. I know I've already commented, but now I'm going to answer your questionare as I've just done my award one too. You were the only one to take on Jo's challenge, but I've done the same as you, so here goes.
    1. Porridge with blue berries. 2. Early. 3. Yes, usually Andre Rieu, Celtic Woman or Helmut Lottie. 4 Both, as I wasn't allowed to use my left hand when I was a child (that era). 5. Grey. 6. Oz 7 which I think is an English 5.
    7. No. 8. Sort of tinkle on the piano, played recorder at school. 9. On this laptop, a picture of a Bluebell wood, but could be anything on my PC as I change it all the time. 10. 101 Dalmations is the one I remember best.
    Thanks Anne for participating too Anne. Have a good weekend and take care.


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