Thursday, 15 October 2015

the circles Christmas tree wallhanging

I finished the circles tree wallhanging today. I'm so pleased with the way it turned out.

This was my first layout of the circles on the white background.

Now, I did like it but I didn't love it so I decided to see how it would look with a triangle of green felt for the tree. I cut the felt with my rotary pinking cutter to make the edges wavy.

So much better. I appliquéd the circles to the felt (by machine). I used thread to match each circle as I didn't want the appliqué stitches to be too eye-catching.

I liked the way it looked on the back of the tree!

I sewed the felt tree in place and appliquéd the star and tree pot on to the white background then pinned it ready for quilting.

I quilted around the tree, pot and star and then sewed another couple of rows down one side of the tree but I didn't like them. I thought it was going to make the whole thing too busy looking so I ripped them out and just left the single row of quilting. I gave the hanging a good press to take out the marks of all those safety pins.

I noticed that the star was a bit squint before I appliquéd it on but decided to leave it like that. I like it!

I made some binding and sewed it on to the front by machine and on to the back by hand.

Lastly, I sewed a couple of rings on at each side at the top of the hanging.

And here it is in all its glory. I love it! I can't wait for December to get here so I can hang it on the wall!

Finished size: 25" high by 24" wide
Felt tree measures 16" across the bottom and the perpendicular height is 16"
Circles: 2 x 5" diameter, 4 x 3" diameter, 5 x 2" diameter, 6 x 1¼" diameter
Star measures approx 3" from one leg across to the other, height from point to "crotch" of star is approx 2¼".
Pot measures 3¾" along the top, 2½" along the bottom with a height of 3¼".
Background & backing fabrics: white curtain lining (Why pay £13.50/m for white quilting cotton when I can go down to the curtain fabric department and pay £3.50/m for white cotton curtain lining which has the same weight and feel of the dearer stuff?)
Wadding: curtain interlining. (I *hate* using polyester wadding - awful stuff!! Curtain lining is polyester too but you can iron it and it doesn't go hard like polyester wadding can.)


  1. I love it Anne and playing with all the bits is what makes quilting fun. I can never put either a star or angel on the top of the Xmas straight,(being a shortie never helps), so I think it looks just right. Take care.

  2. Fabulous. I like all the different Christmas fabrics you've used.

  3. Very pretty Anne!!! I wondered about using curtain interlining for quilting so thank you for that tip! Hope you enjoy your tree a lot! xx

    1. Thanks, Amy. Yes, I've used curtain interlining instead of polyester wadding for years - the polyester one that is. Our local shop also has a cotton one which they tell me needs dry-cleaned so that's a non-starter for quilts really. :o)

  4. I love this Anne! The colours really reflect the season and the edging sets the whole project off. Love it!! xx

  5. Lovely Christmas tree. Good job, very well done.

  6. Stunning! Put it up now - Christmas isn't too far away! ;)

    1. I have put it up! It's on the sewing room wall but it's up and will stay up until after the big man has been! :oD


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