Tuesday, 27 November 2012

trousers finished and a commission

I finished the black trousers today and asked Douglas to take a few photos of me in them. He usually takes really good photos but not today. I laughed out loud when I loaded them into my iPhoto and called him to the computer to take a look. His reaction? "You weren't standing up straight." Mmmmmmm. :oD

So, here's the "best" photo of my new black trousers. They fit me and they're comfy so I'm happy with them.

My next sewing project is a commission for a pinny (apron) with "blue but no pink" in it. This is the fabric I chose to use.

I should get this finished tomorrow and then posted out on Thursday - or even tomorrow afternoon if I'm quick enough!

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  1. I think I know who that apron is for. : ) Someone I know mentioned something about an apron in a different color. Do you take color requests on objects you make? Pot holders in neutral tones like brown, cream, mocha....hint hint.


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