Friday, 30 November 2012

pinny's finished, 4 stockings are started!

I finished the pinny (apron) for my commission and posted it off yesterday. I hope the recipient - and her mum - likes it! I do! :o)

Last night at Singers' rehearsal, our musical director asked me if I'd make her 4 grandchildren a Christmas stocking each. Of course I said "Yes"! So today I set to and, first of all, made a cardboard template of my stocking pattern so I could draw around it rather than have to keep pinning the paper pattern on. It's quite appropriately made from some cardboard that was attached to a Christmas magazine I bought yesterday. Here's my template lying on top of the very appropriate fabric I chose for the back of the stockings.

My wee baskets of colour-sorted Christmas scraps all ready to be dug into.

The first stocking front is complete.

And the second front is complete.

I've got until our last rehearsal for the session on Thursday to finish them so I should have them done in plenty of time! :o)

For anyone out there with Scottish blood running through your veins, happy St Andrew's Day. I have to say, the Google logo is a bit strange this year. A lion blowing the down off a thistle? Weird!


  1. Happy St. Andrew's Day to you too, Anne!

    Love that apron... it's gorgeous!

    The stockings are very cool! Will be rooting for you... I know you can finish in plenty of time!


  2. Happy St Andrews day, Anne. What do you do to celebrate?

  3. Love the apron and the stockings are fabulous! We had haggis truffles, neepps and tatties on Friday - delicious!!

  4. I wish I could be organized like you, those baskets. I keep telling myself I need to get a bunch of baskets to organize but then something else always comes up. Maybe now that we moved and we have one extra room I'll be able to do more. However, it's to be a shared office.


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