Wednesday, 2 December 2009

the start of something good!

I love Christmas. Always have, always will.

Every year we dig out the advent calendar I made in 1984. It was from a pattern in the Woman's Weekly and I remember being so chuffed at how well it turned out.
Here's what it looks like this year -

Gone are the days when Douglas and I would spend November putting together a jigsaw puzzle only to take it apart to put it in the pockets in sensible bits - ie bits that go together in sections. I do miss those days but then am also glad that they're past.

Now that it's just Douglas and myself in the house, I just take the easy route and fill the pockets with mini chocolate bars. Still fun!

And the knowledge that Christmas is really speeding its way towards us is always exciting! :o)


  1. Very, very cute Anne! I love the idea of putting a puzzle in the pockets -- what a great idea!

  2. Is there no end to your talents? I love it!

  3. The jigsaw puzzle is such a great idea, thanks for sending the link!
    It reminds me of one I made a few years ago which is a Christmas tree covered in buttons. The idea being that in each of the pockets is a little decoration to hang on the tree so that by Christmas Day it's all decorated.
    Great in theory but in practice my girls just played with in constantly and ended up losing half the bits. Hence I decided to try the activity idea... hopefully little bits of paper that they can't read aren't nearly as exciting to pinch ;)


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