Tuesday, 28 September 2010

jeans bag with tartan lining

Today I finished off this jeans bag with a tartan lining. It's for Debbie and Jason to sell in their shop - One Stop Wood Shop.

And the inside complete with magnetic catch.

I would love to tell you the name of the tartan but I'm pretty sure it's not a genuine design. It was labelled as Royal Stuart in the shop where I bought it but it's not. Royal Stuart tartan has blue in it - see: (mine isn't as orange as it shows up. The true colour is as seen in the bag photos.)

Close but no cigar. :o)

Oh well, I'm sure the person who buys it from Debbie and Jason's shop won't mind that it's not a genuine tartan. Hopefully!

Now I need to make a few more and get them sent over to Nova Scotia.


  1. ooooh I love it! So cool :o)

  2. OMG That is so adorable! Hmmmm...I'm seeing project with boys old clothes now LOL

  3. Very pretty. You'd better hide it from me or it'll never make its way across the pond.

  4. Pretty!!! I love the lining, now you have me wondering what the real name is to Miss V's school uniforms instead of plaid #80 LOL

  5. Very pretty Anne! Do you make these out of old jeans?


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