Tuesday, 18 June 2013

the owls have it

Yesterday I made the other 2 bags from the seaside/beach hut print. I just adore this fabric and, if I get a chance, I'm going to head back to Dunelm Mill to see if there's any left.

These ones have a red polka dot lining very similar to the other bag I showed last time but the dots are not so teeny tiny.

Today I made up 3 bags with this cute owls print.

They're all lined with a bright pink polka dot fabric.

These are all in the tartan bee shop.

I honestly thought I'd be bored sewing all the things I cut out but I'm not ... yet. I do have some a lot of dressmaking that I'd like to do but, as long as the mood is taking me to just sew the bags or the oven gloves, then I'm going to stick with it.


  1. Love them all - very pretty! J x

  2. I love both the beach huts and owls. Just washed the owl sheets off our bed this morning. Nice and easy is what we need occasionally. Just go with the flow.

    1. I agree, Susan. If I stop enjoying this sewing, I know I've got that ton of dressmaking waiting for me to do. :o)

  3. Of course I like the owls best!!

  4. I like them both, and the linings are so pretty too.

  5. Beautiful... you HAVE been a busy bee!

  6. I love both fabrics but somehow the owls look so cute.


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