Tuesday, 7 June 2011

last Friday

Last Friday we had a gloriously sunny day. The only one we've had in about a month. Yep, May was a really rainy and cold month and I don't think we sat out once in May.

June started off the same way but, last Friday, things changed for the better so I headed out to the garden to take some photos.

Rosie wasn't too sure that she wanted to come out with me:

Chives complete with bee:

Our rhododendron with another bee - it's not the same bee!

The hydrangea's flower heads are just starting to grow.

Our sweet peas need some warmth to grow!

The strawberries are beginning to colour up:

My favourite part of the grass:

Rosie ventured out to see what I was up to:

And, after all that hard work, what's a girl to do? :oD

Of course, since last Friday, the weather has been cold or wet or windy - or all of the above. I'm glad I made the most of the one day of warmth! :o)

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  1. Excellent pics - especially the last one. Unfortunately I missed the sun because of that damned craw! Maybe next summer...


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