Monday, 23 May 2011

very, very windy

I usually take photos out of the sewing room window on a Monday - or on a Tuesday if I forget!! - but there was no way I was opening that window today.

Why? Because it's been blowing a gale here today. Scotland has been badly hit by gale force winds. 100 mile an hour gusts were recorded in Stirling! Yikes! We didn't have it as strong as that but it's pretty scary even now when it's beginning to die down a bit!

I can see from our windows that there are fences down, tree branches broken and debris is lying about all over the place. I went out earlier to quickly pick up some things that were blowing around in our garden and one of them was a piece of paper. I opened it up to find that it was a letter to parents of pupils at one of the High Schools in town. Not the school just over the railway line from us - oh no. It was from the school which is probably over 3 miles away! Wow!!

There are roads closed all over the place because of fallen trees or blown over lorries and the Forth and Tay Road Bridges are both closed to all vehicles! There are also no trains running from Edinburgh so all those people who work in Edinburgh will have to either take an hour and a half detour to drive over the Kincardine Bridge (which is awfully close to Stirling!!) or stay in their offices overnight! Yikes again!

I'm really hoping the wind drops dramatically before bedtime. I HATE the wind but it's even worse if you're lying in your bed trying to not listen to it!

So the "from the sewing room window" photo will be delayed until the wind drops!

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  1. I hate the wind, too! Because of all the cars diverting to Kincardine it was taking people 4 and a half hours to get from Edinburgh to Kdy on Monday! Eeek. I would've booked myself into a hotel! :D


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