Tuesday, 26 April 2011

from the sewing room window - 26 April

A really sunny day today!

As you can see, Douglas and Rosie were out there when I took the photo. Rosie was watching a bumble bee so Douglas was watching her making sure she left it alone.

I called down to them from the window and Douglas looked up . . .

. . . but Rosie wasn't sure where my voice was coming from so she just put on a cute pose. :o)

You might wonder why Douglas is sitting out in the sun with a jersey on. Well, in Scotland, it's often the case that your front half will get a suntan whilst your back half is icy cold. Ahhh, the joys! :oD


  1. Ah yes - a Scottish tan of red on the front and pure dead white on the back. Good times! J xx

  2. What a handsome hubby you have, Anne! :D I don't believe I've ever seen a photo of him! ;)


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