Wednesday, 29 December 2010

the week between

So, Christmas is done and dusted for another year. I got tons of fabulous pressies including a watch with changeable straps made from ribbons (a great excuse to buy more ribbons!!), a new camera - totally unexpected - and lots and lots of books of the sewing/cooking/reading persuasion. Lovely stuff! I hope to make good use of all my pressies once life gets back to "normal" - whatever "normal" might be!

I always think of this week as "the week between". It's a week that feels like we're waiting. Waiting to take the tree down - tomorrow. Waiting for the New Year to arrive. Waiting for everyone to go back to work so that the shops aren't so busy and the roads, during the day, are a bit quieter. Waiting to be able to go back to the swimming pool - the awful weather has stopped that so I'm really hoping that when I'm able to get back out, the weather will play fair and let me! Waiting for the next sewing/crochet/cooking/baking project to get started.

I have great plans for next year and am excited to make a start on some of them but, in the meantime, I'm just going to enjoy the wait!

Let me leave you with a photo of Rosie's friend Bruiser. I think we all know exactly how he feels! :oD

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  1. Awww - poor fella - things just got too much for him. Or perhaps he's been having a sneaky nip when we've not been looking! :D


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