Wednesday, 3 February 2010

hexagon blankie finished - and ripple started

Here's the finished hexagon blankie.

I decided I didn't want to make a full bed-sized blankie. The size it has ended up is the perfect size - about 48" x 36" - for throwing over my legs or snuggling around my shoulders whilst sitting on the couch.

As I mentioned when I first showed off the hexagons, I joined them at the back with crochet. I actually quite like the way the joining crochet bits - in cream - look. I might do that on the front the next time I make a hexagon blankie.

Oh, and if you see something strange at the left of both of those photos, it's Rosie's dog biscuit. She was sitting on her cushion which you can just see at the left and, in between me taking the first and second photo, a wee piece of biscuit came flying off the cushion and landed on the carpet next to the blankie. It's a good thing I took the photo when I did - she pounced on the biscuit and messed up the neatness of the blankie! :oD

So, what next? Well, I decided to do a ripple blankie. Again I found the instructions on Lucy's blog - attic 24. Here's what I've done so far.


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