Monday, 2 January 2012

got the dates covered!

I am so excited by this that I couldn't even wait until the evening to post about it! :oD

I had intended making Jo a cover for her diary before Christmas but didn't get around to it so I went upstairs this morning to do it.

First I cut out the fabric for the cover - a remnant of tweed - and another piece of fabric - a bright yellowy orange cotton - for the lining. I measured the diary using a sewer's measuring tape - ie a flexible one - and added 2" on the the height and about 8" on to the length for seams and flaps. (No photo of that stage.)

Then I cut out some flowers (which I had created in Photoshop) from both fabrics (orange not shown)

Next I printed out the numbers from my Photoshop - font is café rojo - and cut them out of the orange. I interfaced the fabric first just in case it needed it.

Yes, they are sitting on top of last year's diary but it's the same size as this year's so it's all good. :o)

Next I made up the flowers by spraying the orange with 505 adhesive and stuck the orange bits on to the tweed bits. I then stitched around each petal just to hold them together. I also sprayed the numbers with the 505 and stuck them on to the cover and sewed them around the edges. That 505 stuff is amazing - no pins needed when I was stitching them on.

I put pins in the tweed to show where the edges of the cover would be and attached the flower using a button in the centre.

I then sewed the tweed and the orange together leaving an opening in one of the short ends for turning. After turning it through, I top-stitched all the way around the edges, closing up the gap on the short end as I went. I put the cover over the diary, pinned where the flaps would go and then sewed them down with their wrong sides together - no turning needed for that bit. Here's what the inside looks like:

And the outside:

And here's what it looks like on the diary.

As I said, I am soooooooo pleased with the way this turned out. And, more to the point, Jo loves it too! Yay!!


  1. I love this! It's too cute. Wonderful! :D

  2. It looks brilliant, I love the orange fabric, so cheery. I see you have a little Cavalier, I do too, he's called Archie. Aren't they wonderful dogs, such big softies.

  3. It looks fabulous!! I agree that 505 is wonderful stuff - but unfortunately it gives me a headache!!

  4. Totally cute! I'm not a sewer, but it's this kind of thing that makes me wish I were. Nice job!

  5. That's really cute! I have yet to even get a new calandar for this year. Normally my mom ships me some but since my xmas box is missing I have a feeling those might be gone too.---Les


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