Friday, 23 September 2011

a disappointment and a huge excitement

I don't know why I keep doing this to myself. Why I keep trying to make myself things from commercial sewing patterns and expecting them to fit me. Will I never learn? Heck, how many times have I blogged about making things that just don't fit or look right on me? Well, here's another to add to that pile.

I tried the blouse on when it was just the body part and it fit me beautifully. It wasn't too tight or too loose, was a great length - aka it covered my bum! - and I had high hopes that it would continue to go well.

I fitted the sleeves in this morning and, lo and behold, I literally could not move my arms. I'm not kidding - my arms were stuck to my sides as if they'd been glued there. All attempts at lifting them failed miserably! Fizzin' wizzin'! Och well, another one for the "I should have known better" pile.

But then my day improved to the nth degree after the postie brought me this. (There are a lot of photos. Sorry, I was - am - excited about it! :oD)

In case anyone doesn't sew, it's a Go! cutter which cuts fabric using dies.

It came with this set of dies -

and I ordered the tumbler die as well -

Of course, I had to go and play with it immediately. First I tried the wee squares -

And then the triangles (in the background) and, finally, with the tumblers:

And then I had a brainwave to make a Christmas table runner using the tumblers so I had to cut out 36 tumblers in Christmassy fabrics. (I realised later that the cream one with the trees (on the left) was cut sideyways by mistake. I cut another one the right way up later when I showed Joanna how my new toy worked.)

Then, after tea, I sewed them together. Sorry about the bad photo - it was dark.

Now they're all laid out ready to be sewn together tomorrow.

So, my sewing day ended on a much better note than it started. Go! me! :oD


  1. Woo hoo! It's so much fun and definitely worth the wait!

    And don't throw out the shirt - I'm sure you can fix it.

    J x

  2. Hey, that accuquilt looks cool! They should have named it Scissor Hand Saver :D Love that Christmas table runner...I was trying to describe it to my mum but failed dismally, so she'll be peeking at your blog, if you don't mind. We both approve of your "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"'s a running joke between us when we see music fabric, to see whether it makes sense (and whether we can figure out the piece) or whether it's someone who had NO clue about music and just slapped some music notation randomly on a design.

  3. Wowzers! That accuquilt looks amazing! So much quicker and easier than the traditional way. If I had something like that, I'm sure I'd make more quilts. (I've only ever made two.)

  4. Ahhhha, so now I know why I haven't seen you around.

    I love the Christmas runner. On the shirt, could you not take the arms back off and try again?

  5. What a nifty machine that will make you quilting much easier. I love the layout of your Christmas table runners.

    BTW the problem you had with your blouse is probably the same reason I quit sewing my own blouses.


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