Tuesday, 10 March 2020

!!! 3 !!!

Our wee Emily is 3 today. Goodness me! How did that happen? I remember exactly where I was when Jason phoned me to tell me she had arrived ... at long last!

We all went to Emily's house on Sunday to have a birthday picnic/party with her. No way could we go outside but we were all quite happy inside! Before I show off the photos of her playing with her picnic basket and blanket, let me show you the finished quilt - the front:

The back and the embroidered label:

I made some mini napkins to go with it:

Then I had some fun making "food". First of all some sandwiches - ham and lettuce on the left and cheese on the right.

Some Oreos and jammie dodgers:

Some ginger nuts on the left and crackers with cheese on the right:

Some triangle cheese and some babybels:

And some egg sandwitches on white bread.

Honestly, I had way too much fun making the food and had to make myself stop! LOL

Here's Emily on Sunday emptying out her picnic basket with all the goodies inside. You'll notice she had put the quilt upside down - Pooh had to be upwards!

She had lots of fun sorting things out -

Then her mummy and Auntie Jo joined in the picnic fun pouring cups of tea and filling plates for anybody who wanted one!

Isla was very tired as she sat on her Grammie's knee wearing her bear ears hairband but she would not give in!

We all had a lovely time - it was a really fun day.

Happy birthday, Miss Emily. Have a lovely day! šŸ„°


  1. Awww, Happy birthday to Emily, three already, where does the time go. What a fabulous gift, and one which you'll be able to add to, still lots more yummy food to make.

    1. Thanks, Jo. The food was such fun to make. At least, at 3 years old, she didn't care that it didn't really look real! LOL

  2. Happy birthday to your lovely Emily &what a clever Grandma you are with all that glorious food to go with the picnic basket. Well done. Take care.

    1. Thanks, Susan. I only followed a pattern for the sandwiches - the rest I made up as I went along - which is a bit obvious! LOL

  3. I remember where I was, too - behind an electricity station on Mackenzie Street, oddly enough! Had a wee blub then continued to Aldi!

    And quite handy that fake Dairylea makes a good substitute for fake milk! Love all your creations!

    1. I remember telling the woman in Sainsbury's that I was a grammie. At least it explained the (happy) tears in my eyes! LOL

      I'm not sure Emily understood that putting the dairylea in the cup would add milk to the tea! Fun, though!

  4. Awww, what a fun birthday idea -- and beautiful little quilt. Your little granddaughters are adorable -- and you're such a good Grammie! My babies call me Grammy too ;-). (And when I first saw your post on my feed reader, it said 3 with the picture of the baby and I thought it meant that baby number 3 had arrived LOL!)

  5. Thanks, Anna! No 3rd grandchild ... yet! ;o)


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