Monday, 28 February 2011

from the sewing room window - 28 Feb

Here's today's "from the sewing room window" photo. You'll maybe notice that the whirlygig has been put up - yes, I hung the washing outside today. It wasn't quite dry when I brought it in but at least I got it outside!

Oh, and T - our grass is *always* green. Even in the depths of winter or the heights of summer, our grass is green. It's due to all the rain we get - and the lack of scorching heat that you get over the pond. :o)


  1. Wow! What beautiful green grass. I cannont wait to get a new pump for our irrigation well since it died sometime last fall. All of our grass and other landscaping is 99% dead.

    I recently looked at our house from Google Earth and wanted to cry. Everyone around us is beautiful and green and you can clearly see out dead grass and lantana plants.(food for butterflies)

  2. I'm jealous Anne, as ever!
    We have some strange grass that doesn't green up even when the neighbors yards are has to be super hot out for this to green. And it's never soft and squishy. :-(

  3. OH! and I will have you know my initial response was "I GOT A SHOUT OUT IN ANNE's BLOG! I'm FAMOUS!"


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