Monday, 28 June 2010

just a few photos

Here are just a very few of the photos taken on our Canada holiday.

With over 1300 photos to choose from, I decided to limit my choices to the ones I took with my wee point and shoot camera - a Samsung D60. Choosing from my own photos made it only 306 to go through - still a hard choice.

Anyway, here we go.

This is Debbie and Jason's new front deck where we sat at every available opportunity.

Molly loves to go for a swim:

The lighthouse at Peggy's Cove:

Molly looking through the gap on the front porch - dopey dog!

Debbie and Jason in Baddeck, Cape Breton. I didn't realise they were standing in a puddle!

It had been raining in Baddeck and then it stopped and the light was amazing:

Just one of the many views around the coastline of Cape Breton:

A few crazy people:

Another view of the Cape Breton coastline:

Jason turned off the road on to a teeny tiny road. This waterfall was at the end of that road:

I think this is the same waterfall:

Molly looks so innocent …

… but she'd found a raspberry right under the fridge:

Inside the Citadel, Halifax:

The Dingle Tower, Halifax:

Chester, Nova Scotia:

One of my favourite places we went to was called The Tangled Garden:

And now we're flying home. Cheerio, Nova Scotia:

And then, the next morning, the first sight of land was of Northern Ireland:

One of the first glimpses of Scotland:

Turning out over the River Forth over Musselburgh:

Back around over Cramond Island:

And the causeway which is only walkable at low tide:

Unfortunately the wing was in the way of getting a good view of the Forth Bridges. You can just see them under the tip of the wing - the Forth Bridge is wrapped in white in some places whilst it's being repaired.

I've got more photos of all the stuff I brought back but I'll keep them for another day.


  1. Your photos are beautiful Anne! Looks like you had a wonderful trip - love the group photo!

  2. Lovely pics Mum! :o)

    I didn't realise we were in a dub either! Hehe!


  3. Awesome photos!!

    my mom would love the Tangled Garden.


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