Saturday, 29 May 2010

last one of three

Tomorrow sees the last of our 3 concerts for this session of Singers. It's basically the same concert as we've done twice before with a few amendments.

You'd think that, since we've done it twice already, we could be sure that we know it all and will remember every verse and chorus of every song. Nope.

"Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron" is still giving us trouble! It's not like we can't remember what day of the week comes next - allegedly. Or that we can't remember what she does with her linen on each day. It's more that we can't remember whose turn it is to sing the "dashing away" bits. Och well, at least the audience haven't heard our other 2 attempts at it and so can't say we were better/worse than the last concert! LOL

After this concert, apart from the AGM, that's us finished singing until September. Crumbs, that's ages away!

I did hear that, to get ourselves going for the next session, our conductor's going to give out a list of songs at the AGM which she wants us to "look at" - aka "learn the words of" - over the summer. Christmas songs in July? Whatever next?


  1. Yay! I'm looking forward to Christmas! Let's put up the tree! :)

  2. Em, that would be no! :oP

  3. Anne! I missed your birthday while I was gone -- Happy Belated Birthday! I've enjoyed catching up on your posts. How fun that you're enjoying clothing sewing again -- I think clothing will always be my favorite thing to make!


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