Tuesday, 21 April 2009

not gout

I had a telephone appointment with the doctor this morning to get to the bottom of the blood test I had taken on April 1st. You have no idea how many times "April Fool" has gone through my head during the last 3 weeks! Every flipping time I've phoned for the results I was waiting for someone to shout it at me!!

Anyway, the time he was meant to phone was 11.15am but he didn't call until 11.35am. Okay, fair enough. We know appointments over-run and such but at least say "I'm sorry I'm a wee bit late" or something!

Okay, so. I had to explain why I'd asked for a phone appointment and said I just wanted the results of the blood test. He looked it up and, sure enough, it wasn't on the computer! He did some searching and found it and, as I expected, no, I don't have gout!

In fairness to Dr. B., he did go on to ask me how I was doing and how things were in general etc etc. He also asked if I'd got a hospital appointment yet and, when I told him it wasn't until the 13th of May, he seemed really pleased that it was so soon!

Oh, and he explained to me that the reason the results of the test weren't available was that the hospital computer was acting up at the time it was taken and lots of stuff got lost! My immediate thought? I hope they haven't lost the results of my smear test! I think I will scream if they have!!!

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