Wednesday, 22 April 2009

great hair day!!

I was at the hairdresser today and was a teeny bit apprehensive about what would happen. If you remember from 6 weeks ago, my hairdresser left and I was having a new girl do my hair - new to me. She's been there for a long time!

When I walked in she sat me in the chair and asked me what I wanted. Did I like the way my hair was sitting? Was there anything she could do to make it easier for me to work with? It was amazing.

I came out of the hairdressers a very happy person. She cut my hair as *I* wanted it - shorter and thinned out. And she was not one of those talkative, chatty people either. I loved it!

Thanks, Lorna! I'll be back! :o)


  1. *Yay* for a great hair day!

  2. That's great. And Lorna's own hair is nice which is always reassuring! :)


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