Friday, 24 April 2009

coffee with Kofi?

I had to go to a Singers committee meeting before our rehearsal last night and wondered why the car park was so full. I just thought a lot of people had turned up for the Weight Watchers' meeting before ours and thought no more of it.

When I walked into the church, there were people milling everywhere. There were 2 girls dressed in black who were taking people's coats and hanging them on a rail and a man with a camera with a HUGE lens on it. Not all of those people were overweight so I then thought it might not be for the Weight Watchers after all. But, again, I went on my merry way thinking no more of it.

I went to the room where we were having our committee meeting and, although we made a few comments that the car park was unusually busy, none of us knew why it was like that.

After the meeting we moved into the hall where we rehearse for Singers and I overheard someone mentioning coffee for Kofi Annan. I remember thinking "what?" but, thought I must have misheard and forgot all about it.

Then this morning, Joanna found this on the BBC website - Kofi Annan lectures in Kirkcaldy

Goodness me! He really was coming for coffee! We could have sung for him! How exciting might that have been?


  1. You'd better watch - by not knowing (or caring?) that dear ol' Kofi was in the building, if he reads your blog he'll be even more upset than Donnie Munro was during the questionnaire incident of last year! Ha ha ha! :)

  2. Oh dearie me! I didn't think of that! :oP


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