Monday, 27 April 2009

can't buy shoes?

We're going to Ireland for a holiday at the beginning of June so I decided I'd go and buy myself some good shoes to wear so that I could wear them in before we go. By "good" I mean shoes that are comfy but also look good if I wear trousers or cropped trousers. They're probably be leather and a creamy colour or at least a light colour - not black!

So, yesterday I did some research online and found a couple of pairs from Clarks that might do the biz. I also checked out Marks & Spencer and found a pair on there that I actually liked better. So my plan was to go down the street this morning, look at the ones in M&S. If they fit the criteria and I liked them, I'd buy them. If not, I'd go along to the Clarks shop.

Well, M&S didn't have the shoes. No real surprise there as our branch is not that big and - heck, let's be honest - it's stool sample! (tee hee)

So, off to the Clark's shop. I couldn't see the shoes I was after on the shelves so I asked at the desk. The assistant looked up her catalogue "I can order you anything from this for you, if you like" and, would you believe it, the shoes I'd seen online weren't in there. So she couldn't order them for me! Eh??

I came home and decided I'd just order the M&S ones online and take them back to the shop if they didn't fit. Blow me - they didn't have my size in any other colour than black! So I decided to try the Clarks site again - down for maintenance.

Who'd have thought it would be so much bother to buy shoes???

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