Wednesday, 15 April 2009

the blood results

When I was at the nurse for my smear test 2 weeks ago, I asked her what she thought of the big toe on my left foot and did she think it was worth making an appointment at the doctor? My big toe was/is swollen. I had thought it was the result of wearing new shoes to Fiona's wedding but this was now 3 weeks since that event and I really didn't think it would last that long if it had been that.

Anyway, she looked, asked a few questions and offered to do a blood test for gout. My dad had had gout so I wasn't too surprised about that. So, she took some blood and told me to phone the next week for the results.

I phoned last week and was first told the results weren't back. I then phoned back the next day and the results were back but the doctor hadn't made any notes on them. Well, this was the Thursday before Good Friday so I had to wait until yesterday - Tuesday - to phone again.

I phoned yesterday and got yet another person and she couldn't find the results. She offered to dig through the system to find out what was going on and would I phone back today?

So, I did. And guess what? The results have been there since the first time I phoned but the doctor has written notes on them which made no sense. Says something about them "being high but not as high as before". Eh?

The person today asked me if I wanted to speak to the doctor? Yes, please. I can't - he's on holiday! Sheesh!

Bottom line - the doctor will phone me next Tuesday morning at 11.15am to discuss this blood test.

You know what? It's a good job it's "only" gout I was being checked for and not some life-threatening thing!


  1. To be a doctor's receptionist you have to be two things: evil and incompetent! (I'm sure there are some good ones out there!)

    But, "high, but not as high as before" seems fairly explanatory to me. Whatever they were testing for has dropped but is still over the normal limits!

    Honestly - who throws a shoe?

  2. Yes, but this was the *first* test for gout - not one where there had been one before. It's just soooo stupid!

  3. Is it an American doctor? That would explain the nincompoopery!


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