Thursday, 19 February 2009

stuff that happened on my birthday

I found this idea on someone else's blog so I stole it!

1. Go to Wikipedia and type your birth month and day (not year).
2. List three events from that day.
3. List two important births and one death.
4. List one holiday or observance.

3 events
1152 - Henry II marries Eleanor of Aquitaine.
1980 - Mount St. Helens eruption (I remember watching this! I was pregnant with Debbie at the time and remember thinking that the bump on Mt St Helens looked a lot like my bump. At least my bump didn't explode - well not for another 3 months, anyway!)
1991 - Helen Sharman from Sheffield becomes the first Briton to orbit in Space (I remember this too)
And for anyone interested, no I don't remember the first one on the list! :oP

2 births
1920 - Pope John Paul II (d. 2005)
1949 - Rick Wakeman, English composer and musician (Yes)
1 death
1995 - Elizabeth Montgomery, American actress (b. 1933) (I so want to be able to twitch my nose like she did to do the housework! Bewitched, in case you're not sure who she was.)

Festival of the god Pan in Ancient Greece (I don't think it has anything to do with cooking!)


  1. Cool idea - going to steal it!

    I didn't quite read the births bit properly and I was astounded that Rick Wakeman was dead. My first thought was, 'really?' to which you answered, in brackets, yes! I had to google this and found that he wasn't dead and then I came back to your post and realised that I am a doofus!


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