Tuesday, 24 February 2009

heard it on the radio

I heard this story this morning on the radio as I was putting on my make-up. I laughed so hard, it's a miracle I didn't end up with mascara all over my face! :oD

A teacher was telling her class that it's physically impossible for a whale to eat a human being because, although a whale's mouth is big enough, his throat is too small to swallow us. (comment from me - what a relief!!)

A little girl put up her hand and said "But, Miss, Jonah got eaten by a whale!".

The teacher said again that it wasn't possible for a whale to swallow a person.

The little girl went on "When I get to heaven, I'll ask Jonah".

The teacher asked her "What happens if Jonah's in Hell?".

"Well, then *you* could ask him!"

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