Saturday, 27 December 2008


Today we went to visit Douglas's mum. We took lasagne and garlic bread with us to save her slaving over a hot stove and she provided the pudding - black forest gateau and/or fruit salad.

Whilst we were still drinking our after-lunch coffees, Jim arrived with Vicky and Gillian and Vicky's dog Ruby. Rosie does not like Ruby. Actually, that's not fair. Rosie doesn't like any other dogs - it's not a personal thing about Ruby at all!

We admired Vicky's engagement ring - very different with 14 diamonds on the top and one ruby - for Ruby - on the underside. Very nice! Good luck to Vicky and Stevie! I hope they'll be very happy!

The day flew by and it was soon time to have afternoon tea - more food! - and then time to come home. Thankfully the traffic home was much quieter than the traffic on the way there. Apparently the people in Glasgow do go shopping on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year! Nutcases, the lot of them! :oD

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