Sunday, 28 December 2008

not much going on

Today has been one of those days where nothing much happened. Jo and I didn't go to Tesco's this morning as we have plenty food left over from Christmas to see us through until Tuesday when we'll go and get some fresh things to see us into the New Year.

We walked to the paper shop and bought the Sunday paper as a Sunday without doing/attempting the crossword would just not be right. We got it all except for about 8 clues without looking things up - not too shabby!

We went along to mum's in the afternoon for afternoon tea. She force-fed us more chocolate - yeah, that's a lie. She put the chocolate biscuits on the table and, weakling that I am, I ate one. But I only ate one - that's good - isn't it? :oD

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  1. Them were some tasty biscuits!! I had two! (Well, I had better make the most of the chocolate while I can!)


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