Tuesday, 23 December 2008

not coming home :o(

It looks like Debbie isn't going to be home for Christmas. The flight out of Halifax was delayed then cancelled then reinstated then delayed - and so on and so on. Debbie was so tired after being at the airport since Sunday evening that she could almost not string 2 words together on the iChat.

She asked us to tell her what to do. How do you tell your child - she will always be my child no matter how old she is - that she should go back to her place in Halifax and stay there for Christmas? We want her here. She wants to be here. But oh, she was so upset and so distraught that we had to tell her to go to back to her room and sleep.

I know the friends she has made in Halifax won't let her be alone on Christmas Day. In fact, I suspect they'll be fighting to see who gets her at their house. That makes it slightly easier to bear - but only slightly!

Part of me is still hoping that she'll be here but the sensible part of me - no matter how small that is - is telling me she won't be here. It's going to be so hard for all of us.

LJ - I don't have your e-mail address so I hope you read this!


  1. Who's going to drink all that coke?

  2. Anne...that just sucks...im sorry to hear that she wont be home with you all...BIG HUGS!!!!

  3. Hi, thanks - yeah just reading all about it, nightmare! So is the plane defo cancelled then? Was reading all about the snow storms on the bbc website - Nova Scotia even got a special mention! I feel a bit gutted too, hope yous are ok x

  4. Thanks, LJ. We're upset but it was the right decision to make for Debs, I think. I don't know if she'll try to get out on another flight - might be best for her to stay put and we can have another Christmas in February!

  5. Hi there Mum...don't worry you are so right about your daughter, she is loved by everyone who meets her and brings a ray of sunshine into the room everytime she walks in...I just checked her blog to see if she made in on the plane, she was calling me all day yesterday and the word got out that she might not make it...
    I know how you feel as my daughter aged 25 is away for the first time at Christmas and she called me last week , Megs sounded so happy and excited with her new found life in the Cayman Islands that I only casually asked what she might be doing on Christmas day?
    Don't worry mum she said I'm okay....well what about me I thought will I be okay then I realised that so long as she wasn't alone and she was happy I would be okay...
    I hope you do get to see Debs soon but in the mean time realise that she has given so much to us all here and I suspect thats because she has such wonderful parents who have taught her the value of friendship and love and respect...
    I wish you a wonderful Christmas and if she is here this morning in Halifax we will take enjoy the her special kind of friendship over Christmas.
    Luv and best wishes from June (her mum in Halifax) xx

  6. Well now I'm crying even more! Thanks, June! Look after my baby!

  7. aww Anne, sorry to hear that. the weather has been so brutal everywhere hugest hugs - crystal (clnheartsalot)


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