Monday, 8 December 2008

going back!

I decided to go back to the chiropractor to see if she can do something for my back. She completely sorted my glute muscle so I'm hoping she can do something for me again. My back has been giving me jip the last few days and the idea of spending Christmas in agony is not my idea of fun.

I hate worrying everyone about me being in pain but I can't keep it to myself when they see me hardly being able to stand up if I've been sitting for a while. I'm also stubborn - really?? me?? surely not!! :oP - and won't ask for help and so end up hurting myself even more. Taking stuff out of the oven or reaching up to a high shelf are my biggest stubbornnesses (!!) when I end up regretting not asking Douglas or Joanna to help.

So, to stop the Christmas turkey ending up on the floor, I'm off to see the chiro on Wednesday. Fingers crossed that she can sort me out - again! :o)


  1. Stubborn? You? Surely you jest! I don't remember any instances of you (grumpily) using the words 'I can do it myself!' lately.

    Oh wait - that's a lie!! ;)

    Hope it helps!



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