Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Joanna and I went to Bath, Somerset, England last weekend. She wanted to see the Georgian parts of the town - the Jane Austen era type stuff. Here are just a few photos that I took whilst we were there.

Bath Abbey - outside and inside.

The Assembly Rooms where the members of the ton gathered in Georgian Times for entertainments.

And this is the Guildhall which was also a popular place for entertainment in the Georgian era.

These next photos are of the Roman Baths. Aqua Sulis, as Bath was known to the Romans, was very popular because of the waters. Yes, that's steam - the water was 40ºC when it flowed into this pool! If you see any bubbles in the water, it's not heat, it's gases. I thought we'd be able to smell sulphur, but we couldn't - thankfully! :oD

Pulteney Bridge

Royal Crescent

Royal Circus

Some doors.

And finally - a couple of strange ones. This is not a statue. It's a real person dressed up like a statue. The pigeons kept landing on him so he had them fooled!

And Joanna wanted to try on a corset - who knows why? And the funny face? Again, who knows why? Good for a laugh!


  1. I was sucking in my cheeks to make me look skinny!!
    Had a grand time in Bath. Thanks for coming with me and sorry I broke your fingers on the plane home!
    Fab pics, btw! :)

  2. "I was sucking in my cheeks to make me look skinny!!"

    Didn't work! mwa ha ha

  3. You forget that I have information on your conduct in Bath that perhaps you wouldn't want to be made public. Me thinks you should start being nice to me!! (Crash of thunder followed by much evil laughter!)

  4. Oooops. Good point!

    The sooking in of the cheeks really did work! :oD

  5. I want to know the information that shouldn't be made public... sounds intriguing! :o)
    Great pics mum! Love the doors!

  6. What a bunch of beautiful pictures! We have natural hot springs here too, and they are supposed to cure everything under the sun. Mostly they make you feel good because it's warm water!


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