Thursday, 27 November 2008

off to Bath!

Joanna and I are heading off to Bath this weekend. Can't wait!

We're planning on visiting the Roman Baths, the Jane Austen Centre, the Postal Museum, Fashion Museum, Bath Abbey - where we hope to take part in carol-singing for shoppers on Saturday - and many more. Oh, and there's a German Christmas Market there all weekend as well. Like I said - can't wait!

My only hope is that it doesn't pour with rain the whole time. Cold, damp, wind, sunshine - they're all okay. Even the odd shower of rain would be fine because we can always pop into a shop but constant rain would be a real pain!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to our wee trip and to not having to do any cooking or cleaning for a few days. Not that I do a lot at the best of times but the idea that someone else will be making my breakfast for me is fab! And we'll have to have our evening meals out each night too. Like I said - can't wait! :o)

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