Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I love daisies

Kathleen Kelly: I love daisies.
Joe Fox: You told me.
Kathleen Kelly: They're so friendly. Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?

Here are some photos I took today of our Livingstone Daisies which Douglas grew from seed. They are indeed the friendliest flower. :o)

I realise there's a photo of Rosie in there - but she was there - watching a bee - so I took a photo of her.


  1. yes, they are a very friendly flower! Makes me smile... almost as much as bouquets of sharpened pencils! teehee!


  2. Well hellow there Anne! I see you jumped on the blog bandwagon! It's good to see you again. Now I can leave you comments back! Haha! I love your pics. The flowers are beautiful and lil Rosie is cute beyond words. And your lawn...WOW! Whoever does it needs to come do mine too! :O) Thanks for your comment! If you saw the originals you'd understand my plight! But now that I saw how I could clean them up, it's making me want to play with some of the others.


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