Sunday, 8 November 2020

nighties, bags, pants, tops and skirts

A couple of my nighties quite literally fell apart recently. No shame to them as they're in constant rotation! I made myself a couple of new ones to replace them.

As you can see from this next one, I just used bias binding and ribbon that I had in my stash. I don't care that the bias is navy blue and that the ribbon is purple! LOL

Debbie asked me if I'd make a pair of pants for one of Isla's dollies who was embarrassingly naked under her skirts. Job done!

Debbie also asked me to make some drawstring bags to hold some of the girls' toys. I decided that this would be an excellent opportunity to use the fat quarter I won from Jo in her blog anniversary giveaway. It's the perfect fabric for a bag that will get a lot of use. Thanks again, Jo!

Then I made another using (almost) the last of the lilac Winnie the Pooh fabric. Emily wanted to fill this one with picnic stuff as it's the fabric I used on the back of the picnic quilt I'd made for her birthday.

And another 2 using fabric left over after making cushions years ago. Goodness me, I just checked the date on that post and it's from July 2014!!

Next I made Emily and Isla each a top. Fronts:


And next I *squeeeeeezed* a couple of skirts for them out of scraps of denim. It took some judicious cutting but I got them done. They both fit the girls beautifully so another job well done!

I need to try and get some more patchwork Christmas stockings made this week as the tartan bee sales have really picked up recently. Yay!!


  1. My goodness, it must have been a little nippy for that dolly with no undergarments now that the weather's turned cold. Lovely to see the fat quarter you won in my giveaway put to good use, I love all those little bags, there's so many bits and pieces of toys that they do need to be kept together somehow.

    1. I think the dolly had trousers on most of the time - thankfully! LOL When Emily saw the bag made from your fat quarter, she said "Oooh, boats!" and proceeded to fill it with her matching cards game. Isla had fun taking the cards out and putting them back in again - quite a few times!

  2. So much sewing! And I second the relief at dolly now having pantaloons! All gorgeous makes, mama, as usual. 🥰❤️

    1. Thanks, Beanie! And, yes, how embarrassing to be pant-less! 😳🤣

  3. Wow you have been busy and those dresses are adorable.


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