Thursday, 22 October 2020

Adjustments, frugal sewing etc.

I had some adjustments to make to the pinafore dresses I'd made for both Emily and Isla which I showed last time.

Isla's (the blue denim) needed the straps shortened by about 4" - which to me seems very odd because, according to her health visitor, she's in the top 98 percentile for height! Emily tried her pink pinafore on and, no kidding, within 20 minutes of her putting it on, one of the dungaree clips fell to bits. I was sooo annoyed - with the dungaree clips, not with Emily!

I took both pinafores home, shortened Isla's straps and made buttonholes and attached buttons to Emily's. I contacted Amazon about the (useless) dungaree clips and, thankfully, got a full refund along with a label to attach to the parcel to send them back. No postage to pay so yay!

I then made each of the girls a top with some spotty fabric I had had left from a top I made myself earlier in the year. It's amazing how you can jiggle things around to make two wee tops out of practically no fabric!

This is the one for Emily - front:

and back:

And this is Isla's one - front:

and back:

I debated with myself about putting that bottom button on and decided I would but it really doesn't need it so, next time I make the top, I'll leave that bottom button off.

I then made them both an overdress - again with bits of fabric that had been left after me making something for myself! Talk about being frugal!

This is Emily's:

And this is Isla's:

I made another couple of project bags for the tartan bee. I am really pleased with both of them!

This is what I'm working on right now. It's a 9-patch-and-hearts quilt. This is only a small sample of the blocks - there are 121 of them altogether so it'll take me a wee while to sew them together but it's looking good so far! Even if I do say so myself! LOL

Now let me show you a couple of photos of my wee girlies. Isla is a cuddler and, oh my goodness, I love it. You might notice she's got her new top on!

In this one, Emily has an ipad in front of her and we're all watching something funny on it.

Good times!


  1. Awww, it's lovely that you're able to have those cuddles again, what a year we've had having to be parted from our loved ones, it's been especially hard for those with little ones in the family. You must be even more busy with your sewing than you were before with two granddaughters now to sew for, but it's enjoyable to make things for those you love.

    1. At the moment, we're not allowed to meet at each other's houses unless there's a special reason. Isla had her one year jags to get and Emily had to get her flu immunisation so Grammie was called in to take them as Debbie has no car. A good excuse for a cuddle or two! 💕

      I do love sewing for them both and it means I'm using up bits of fabric that otherwise would just be sitting around.

  2. Lovely sewing as always. And beautiful pics. 🥰💗

    1. Thanks! Our wee girlies are adorable - as are our big girlies! 💕

  3. Awww Anne, those photos of you with your babies are adorable! You are one BUSY Granny -- I love all the cute little things you've been making your babies!

    1. Thanks, Anna. The wee girlies are adorable - although I might be the teeniest bit biased! 😀


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