Thursday, 10 September 2020

busy, busy, busy

I've been busy sewing again. Nothing new there! LOL

First of all, I made another blouse using the Gilbert Top pattern from Helen's Closet Patterns - here.

I made this version about 1½" longer than my previous version which I showed here. I like the slightly longer version and might even make it another inch longer next time I make it.

Next I made some wee pouches for Joanna.

She likes them all. Yay! Also, I used scraps to make them so that's always a good feeling - it's like getting something for nothing.

One of Joanna's friends had a baby boy so she asked me if I'd make a baby quilt for him. Of course I would! I must say I am especially pleased with the way it turned out! All in boy-type fabrics and colours.

The back is a fleece which makes it cosy but sturdy at the same time.

Jo's friend texted her after receiving it in the post and said to Jo that her mum is soooo talented. That's me! And, yes, I am! LOL

I sold one of the knitting project bags I had for sale in the tartan bee. Yay! I made another one and got it loaded in - here.

Next it was time to sew some more Christmas stockings. 2 each of these fabrics:

One of each of these fabrics:

And 4 patchwork stockings - 2 with red backs and linings and 2 with green backs and linings.

I know it's a wee bit early but I confess that, whilst I made the stockings, I had Christmas music playing on my computer! What fun! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ»


  1. I don't think it's too early to start Christmas makes, after all, the shops are already filled with Christmas paraphernalia so why shouldn't the Tartan Bee too? Awww, the baby quilt is gorgeous, and it looks so snuggly too, just what you want for a little one, and yes, you are very talented.

    1. Thanks, Jo. 😊 I suspected that Christmas stuff would be out in the shops now but, as I've not been anywhere near a shop - other than a few times to our wee village shop - since the middle of March, I wasn't sure what they would have out yet. Christmas shopping is going to all online for me this year. I wonder how that will go??

  2. Yeah - get those Christmas tunes on! It's been a crappy year - bring some joy (to the world)!
    And I love all my things. Thank you, mama. And baby R loves his wee quilt. It's in his cot keeping him snug as a bug.

    1. I enjoyed listening to the Christmas tunes. It's been a while since I heard them! And, yes, we definitely need some joy (to the world) right now.πŸŽ…πŸ» I'm so glad bay R likes his quilt. It was fun to make and fun to give. 😊

  3. Joanne's friend, and you, are right -- you are very talented! I love the title of your blog - probably because I blether a lot too. P. x

  4. Well I am totally impressed with all your recent projects! I love your Christmas stockings and that cute baby quilt! I am sure he will love its cozy warm fleece! Great work on just everything! Blethering! I am new here and haven't heard that word here in Missouri since my grandfather used to say it (he passed away in 1971)... usually followed by a not-nice word at all! He was a wonderful man but... he often got a bit hot under the collar at somebody... for something! I like to think of artisans playing Christmas music while they create their wares!

    1. Thanks, Gayla. I think I can imagine the word your grandfather used to say! LOL


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