Monday, 4 May 2020

been a busy bee!

I looked at my photos to see what I'd made since the last time I blogged and I amazed myself at how much I had done!

First I made myself a couple of blouses using my most used pattern - McCall's 5359. I wish I had kept a tally of how many times I've made this blouse! Here are my newest renditions - both using fabrics that were left over from other projects so these really felt like I got something for nothing!

The next is another version of New Look 6344 which is fast becoming another pattern that I make over and over again. Well, as the saying goes, if the pattern fits, sew it. I don't think that is a saying but it should be! LOL

The stripes on this fabric made my eyes go funny a time or two as I sewed it - and when it gets ironed too - but it's totally worth it. I love it!

Next, I made Douglas a couple of pairs of boxer shorts which he wears as jammies. When I got the pattern out, I had noted on the back of it the last time I'd used the pattern - 2016. No wonder his old jammies were looking the worse for wear!

I then sewed up 4 more patchwork stockings for when the lockdown is over and I re-open the tartan bee.

Scotland is being advised to wear masks when we go to the supermarket or where we're likely to meet a lot of people. Well, I'm not doing that at all and Douglas is only going to the shop for the Sunday paper these days but I thought I'd better make us a couple of masks anyway. My first attempt - from a pattern I found online was NOT good - no photos of that one as I took it all apart! These ones I made based on a dentist's mask which Douglas had been given when he was at his work before the lockdown. These are much better than that first attempt.

I just noticed I'm wearing the blouse from the first photo in this photo!

I then started another quilt which is called an "ugly quilt" - you're meant to use fabrics you're not fond of which all sewers have in their collections. The theory is you'll use them up in a quilt and they won't seem so ugly. Well, I tried it with some fabrics I wasn't that fond of but didn't like the resulting blocks either. It kind of makes sense when you think of it - if you made a cake with ingredients you don't like, the chances are pretty high you won't like the cake either! I threw those blocks into a crate to be used later as backings for something else and re-made the blocks using fabrics I did like. Much better!

I then sewed some 9 patches for the backings using some more of my VAST collection of 4½" squares. They're now all pinned together in blocks ready to be quilted and then sewn together using the quilt-as-you-go method I used for the scrappy quilts I made a few weeks ago.

Today I was playing around making a fabric origami pouch which I had seen on this blog. Needless to say, I didn't make it exactly as I was supposed to - do I ever follow instructions properly?? 😉 I like it a lot! If/when I make more, I think I'll make them a bit bigger.

I'm already in the middle of making another blouse - this time from a different pattern! I'll let you know how that goes! In the meantime, stay home, stay safe.


  1. Wow, you have been a busy bee. The blouses are lovely and when you find a pattern you enjoy sewing and which fits you well, why not use it again and again. It's not as though you're using the same fabric so each blouse you make will look different. I've only seen the odd person wearing masks here, mind you, I'm not going out very often at all so that may be why. I have heard of lots of people making them though.

    1. Thanks, Jo. I haven't been out at all but, if that's what we have to do at the end of lockdown, I'm happy to do it. And I have plenty of fabric to make as many masks as it takes! :o)

  2. Good grief - you've made loads! And it all looks so good. I was about to complain that you hadn't made anything for me - but then you wouldn't be able to get them to me anyway! 🤣 Definitely stealing the second shirt. I have a crazy urge to colour it in!

    1. LOL I have a rainbow runner waiting for you and a scrappy quilt too so it was definitely time to sew for myself! 🤣

  3. You're making some beautiful projects! I especially love that stripey blouse -- the pattern looks really comfortable too!


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