Thursday, 26 March 2020

knickers etc

I thought, instead of another post showing how I'm getting on with the scrappy quilt - it's going really well! - I thought I'd just post some of the wee things I'm doing to try and make my days just a bit different. Please note - if the sight of underwear drawers upsets you, maybe you should click away and come back another time!

Don't say you haven't been warned! :oD

Whilst we're told to stay home, I'm trying to do small jobs that don't take more than maybe 15 or 20 minutes at a time - mostly so I don't get fed up with the job and leave it half done. I started with my aforementioned underwear drawer. It's never really untidy but I got it all straightened up - although I have to say, those 2 pairs of socks that aren't lined up are a bit annoying to me! Only sensible underwear in my underwear drawer - how boring! LOL

Then my PJs and nightie drawer. I'm hoping the nighties will come back into circulation soon. It's still too cold for them at the moment but, hopefully soon!

I then tidied all my Christmas jumpers into the one box - they had previously been in 2 places.

I then moved on to the bookcase of my favourite books. I took them all off, dusted then put them back in alphabetical order. Sad but true! Needless to say I read a few endings whilst I was doing this one! LOL

Next came the blanket box at the bottom of the bed which holds my aran cardies and some jumpers. As I was doing this one, I decided to wash some of the jumpers and cardies as it was a lovely drying day. They now smell that unique smell of things that have been dried outside. There's nothing quite like that smell!

This is a job that Douglas did for me. The slatted shelf was in this cupboard when we moved in but it was lying against the wall. We think the boiler must have been replaced at some point and the shelf taken down from its original place (you can see the wooden bits on the sides where it had been before). Douglas fitted some more wood to the walls and put it back up for me. It's already being used.

This was my 15 minute job this morning - to tidy my stud earrings. They're always fairly tidy but now they make some sort of sense - at least to me!

Lastly, we've been doing some jigsaws. We're deliberately only doing smallish ones - no 3000 piecers for me! If you look closely, you can see this one has some bird shapes in it.

So that's just some of the wee jobbies I've been doing this week - in between sewing, of course! :o)


  1. There's definitely going to be lots of clean and tidy houses when this is all over, it seems it's making everyone get on with those niggling jobs which have been on the list for some time. What a lot of earrings you've got, I usually wear the same pair all the time.

    1. I must admit I'm quite enjoying doing all these wee jobs as long as they don't take too long. I have 3 piercings in each ear so maybe that accounts for having so many earrings? I wonder if I should tell you that I culled a lot of earrings into a "I don't wear these but I can't throw them away" box? Maybe not! LOL

  2. I have to admit that I *am* offended by your post. There is still space in your bookcase!!! Shock horror! Get some more books bought. It's practically compulsory! 🤣

    1. Hahaha! Yes, still plenty of room to add more books. Always need more books! LOL

  3. Looks like you're keeping good and busy Anne. And now I can say I've had a peek at a Scottish knicker drawer LOL!

    1. LOL I'm not sure if that's good or bad, Anna! 🤣


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