Sunday, 29 October 2017

a few of Emily

Today I have a few photos of our wee Emily to share. First of all, this is her in her Hallowe'en outfit. Isn't she adorable - and brave! I wouldn't touch that spider with a barge pole!!

This is her with her teddy. Awwwww!

She loved playing our piano when she was here a couple of weeks ago.

Sometimes life is exhausting for a baby - I look pretty tired too!

Watch how much fun she has with Molly's tail. No animals - or babies - were harmed in the making of this video!

Debbie has sent us a video this evening which shows Emily on the move. Yes, she's crawling. Uh oh!!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

clearing some shelves

I decided it was about time I used up some fabric that had been on my shelves for a good long while so, first of all, I made a couple of bags and a pinny for Joanna. Joanna loves Russian dolls so this fabric is just perfect for her.

Then I made a pinny with some stripey fabric.

I had enough of this cat fabric (which I'd bought in Ikea many moons ago) to make 3 pinnies - one for me, one for Joanna and one for Debbie.

I made a couple of larger-sized shopping bags for myself:

Then I used the leftovers from the stripey bag to make a slightly smaller bag with different handles.

It feels good to have cleared these pieces off the shelves. I wonder how long it'll take me to replace them? Probably not long! :oD

Monday, 9 October 2017

pinafore dresses for Emily

I made a couple more bindings to add to my steadily growing pile. If the colours are right, it's very handy not having to make new bindings for every quilt.

Then I decided to make Miss Emily a pinafore dress with some fabric I'd got out of the remnant bin a few months ago. I used this pattern which has been in my pattern collection since the last millenium.

I made view 1 but wasn't sure that it was long enough.

After consulting with Debbie who measured a pinfore that Emily owns already, we decided I needed to lengthen it by 2" which I did with a flounce. Much better.

Then I made another ...

and another ...

Aren't they adorable? Best bit is they fit her - with room for growth - so that's very pleasing.

Debbie asked me if I'd make a few more bibs so I did. I cut 2 the same size as before and 3 just a smidge longer.

One of the 3 longer ones needed the towelling backing to be joined so I covered the join with a piece of the sticky fingers print I'd used on the front. Quite an appropriate print for a sticky-fingered baby!