Tuesday, 25 April 2017

making a lookalike outfit

I made a dress for Emily recently:

Here's the back. Does this ring any bells?

I used this pattern - Burda 9752 view B but I lengthened the sleeves.

Then I found a free hat pattern online and made a wee yellow hat. Any bells yet?

Then I knitted up a pink pair of bootees.

Does anything look familiar yet?

How about now?

When we were over at Debbie's last weekend, we tried everything on baby Emily and put her and dolly Emily together to see how good they looked together.

Gorgeous, yes?

The dress fits perfectly, the hat is a bit big and the bootees were really only made to complete the lookalike outfit but we all think both Emilys look amazing!

Fun times!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

best Auntie ever!

Before Emily arrived, Joanna (Auntie in the title of this post) got busy making a mobile for her. It has various felt things hanging on it - all made by Joanna. A Scottish saltire (flag)

... a saw (her daddy's a talented woodworker), a pink E for Emily ...

... a moose with a maple leaf hanging behind it (daddy's Canadian) ...

... a bright yellow daisy ...

... a camera (Debbie (mama) is an excellent photographer) ...

... a chocolate chip cookie ...

and Molly (her dog).

As you'll have noticed in all of the above photos, Emily LOVES her mobile. Absolutely adores it. Her wee baby suit says it all!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

sewing for the tartan bee

I seem to have a lot of catching up to do around here so today I'll make a start by showing the pinnies, bags and baby quilts I made a few weeks ago for the tartan bee shop. In total I made 7 pinnies (one has already sold - yay!), 14 shopping bags (2 of each fabric) and 2 baby quilts.

I have a few things more to show that I've made but I'll save those for another day. In the meantime, here's one of my favouritest (!!) photos of me and Emily.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

an Emily from Emily for Emily

Joanna brought a gift bag with her when she came along yesterday.

It was from her friend Emily for our wee Emily.

But what's inside the bag?

Or rather - who's inside the bag?

The most beautifully knitted dolly.

And her name is ... Emily!

Isn't she gorgeous? Look at the flowers on her hat!

Her ringlets.

Her long frilly bloomers and her pretty pink shoes.

She even has a pretty flower on the back of her dress.

What a fabulous gift. It was knitted by (Joanna's friend) Emily's mum especially for our wee Emily and her name is Emily. Isn't that just so amazing? What's even more amazing is that neither Emily or her mum have met Debbie or Jason or our wee Emily - or me or Douglas, come to that! Isn't that wonderful? We think so!