Tuesday, 13 December 2016

a miscellany of things

I've got a real mix of photos to show today. First, the last cushion cover. This one sits on the chair in the dining room which is why I missed it in my original count of Christmas cushion covers I needed to make.

Last weekend - or maybe it was the one before that?? - we went to visit Debbie and Jason. I did take lots of photos but most of them are out of focus or not worth sharing for some reason or another. Here's Molly wearing her antler headband - for all of about 5 seconds!

And this is Tilly wearing her Santa hat headband - for less than 5 seconds!

This is what can be done with a Tunnock's teacake, some icing and holly leaves and berries decorations. I admit it looks like I just threw the leaves and berries on - that's because I did! LOL

This was a wondrous thing. Joanna was helping Debbie to decorate her tree and she put her hand into the box of hanger things and didn't manage to grab one - she managed to grab a hundred and one!! It actually looked like it could be used as a decoration on its own.

Joanna asked me if I would make her a flower brooch for her to give as part of her Secret Santa gift at work. She asked for a dark tartan so I used Black Watch. I embroidered the design on my embroidery machine, cut around it then attached it to felt and sewed on a brooch pin on the back. We'll find out tomorrow how the recipient liked it!

I made another couple of owl keyrings - one of these will be in that same Secret Santa package.

I've actually done some dressmaking this week - but not for me. This is - believe it or not! - a brown pinafore dress for Joanna. The winter light does not make it easy to take photos of brown things!

This is a wee bit better but I have a deep dislike of using the flash. Blech! Anyway, this is the stripey bias binding - home-made, of course - that I used to bind the neck and armholes.

I used this pattern again - view A this time, all in one colour in case that's not obvious!

And then this afternoon, I made 2 batches of tablet - well, 3 if you count the stupidity that was my first attempt. No, Anne. 1 cup of sugar is NOT the same as 1lb of sugar so your tablet will NOT turn out right! Aaaargh!

Anyway, I made a batch of the usual recipe (no photo as Joanna took it all away before I thought of it but the recipe is here) for Joanna to take to the Secret Santa gift-giving party tomorrow and I also made this lot.

I have no idea where the recipe came from but it's made in the microwave. Very easy and very tasty - although I've found I can't eat more than one piece at a time. Maybe that's a good thing!

Here's my version of the recipe - I changed it around a bit.

1 tin of condensed milk (mine was 397g)
100g butter cut into smallish pieces
500g caster sugar

Put everything in a microwavable bowl with highish sides and stir.
Cook on high for 2 - 2½ minutes to melt the butter. Stir again.
Cook on high for 10 minutes in total stirring regularly. I stirred at 3 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes and 2 minutes.
Pour into a lined swiss roll tin.
Cut into squares before it's fully set.

One word of warning. Don't use a plastic spatula to stir the end result. Ask me how I know! :oD


  1. My Grandaughter made some of the tea cake Christmas puds yesterday. They are so cute.
    I hope the lady likes her tartan brooch. It's lovely-x-

  2. Some great makes there Anne. I'm like you with my flash, as sometimes it actually drains the colour out. Is tablet like what we call fudge? Take care.

    1. Thanks, Susan. Tablet is sort of like fudge but a wee bit grittier - almost like the sugar has crystallised a wee bit. It's delicious! :o)

  3. Lots of lovely makes. I do like those owl keyrings and yum, yes please to Tunnock's Teacake puddings. My favourite pic has to be Molly the reindeer though, so cute.

    1. Thanks, Jo. I was lucky to catch Molly wearing the headband. She didn't care for it at all! LOL

  4. ooooh - I must try the tablet recipe!!

    1. I think you'll enjoy it - if you like sweet things! :oD

  5. Wow - most of the stuff you made was for me. Thanks, mama!! Love you!


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