Wednesday, 26 October 2016

stars quilt - all finished

The star quilt is finished - yay! Here are a few progress photos.

First of all, the top all pieced together. I deliberately put the darkest backgrounds on the diagonal. I don't know why I did that but it works for me!

Here it is pinned to the wadding and starry backing ready for quilting.

Here it is diagonally quilted and trimmed around the edges.

The binding - black with pink stars - is all attached.

Here's the quilt lying on our bed. Fabulous!

Then I took it outside and asked Douglas to hold it up for me. You can just see his fingers!

The back is perfect for a starry quilt, don't you think?

This quilt is for a very special baby - can you guess which one? ;o)

I know the pattern is nothing new but I'm especially proud that I worked it all out by myself. Well, myself and Mr. Pythagoras. Once a mathematician, always a mathematician! :oD

I have a few other things to show off but they'll wait for another day. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy staring at the stars!

Monday, 17 October 2016

in the pink

We had a family get together yesterday. Just our wee family of 5 plus both dogs.

Joanna blew up some balloons.

She had also made some special things to eat. Dummies - although Jason insisted they were called pacifiers ... maybe where he comes from (Canada) but in Scotland, they're called dummies! :oD

Joanna had also made a very special cake! Love her sense of humour!

We're going to be a wee family of 6 in February! Yes, Debbie is expecting our first grandchild!

A baby girl! Wheeeeeeee!!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

more appliqués and embroideries

Not much sewing of any kind going on around these parts but I have been doing some embroidering and appliquéing (is that even a word??) on my new machine so I'll show those off. As usual, my fingers are there to give some scale.

I really thought this one would look good on the navy starry background ... but it really doesn't.

I had a go at what's called "in the hoop" embroideries. I really enjoyed making these keyrings and can see myself making more of these.

Other than all those, I've been doing a little knitting - I'll take photos soon - and have started sewing the sashings on to the star blocks so I hope to get that all sewn up and ready for quilting soon.

Oh, I forgot, I finally changed my blog header. I knew it had been there a while but didn't realise I'd made the old one in March 2013. No wonder it was dusty! :oD

Monday, 3 October 2016

stars and trousers

I've now made a total of 25 stars and I think that might be enough for the quilt I'm going to make. The star blocks will each finish at 8" square so that's 40" x 40" if I do them in a 5 x 5 layout. I'm thinking of adding 1½" sashings (finished size) in between so that will make it a wee bitty bigger - about 49" square - big enough for what I want it for. Or rather "who" I want it for!

Here are the last of the stars:

I actually did some dressmaking! Yay! I made myself a pair of trousers in nice olive green colour. This is me taking a photo of myself in the mirror at the bottom of the stairs - the mirror isn't squint! It's the person who took the photo that's a bit off-line! :oD

The waist is elasticated - VERY comfy - and there are pockets. What more does a girl need in trousers??

Because the green ones were so successful, I made a navy pair. Very wearable!

I have plans for a few more pairs of these trousers - the pattern is Jalie 3243 - after all, autumn is definitely here now and that means it's trouser weather again. It was nice to do some dressmaking again. It feels like such a long time since I did any!