Wednesday, 31 August 2016

pouches and stars

My dressmaking mojo still hasn't shown up. I'm still hoping it's going to come back soon - it's been ages since I did any dressmaking! Anyway, I have done some sewing. Phew! I made a couple of pouches. Just made the sizes up as I went along and I'm really pleased with both of them.

The first one is quite big but will be perfect for holding my toothbrush etc if we ever *when* we get away for a break.

Nice stripey lining.

This other one was just a "let's see what happens if I do this" kind of pouch. I was delighted that it turned out at all and to have it be something useful was really pleasing.

Just a plain blue lining inside this one.

I had a notion to make some star blocks so I got out my squared paper - once a Maths teacher, always a Maths teacher! - and worked out some sizes. I sewed things together and this is what I ended up with. Not an original design be any means but I was especially chuffed that my wizardry with Pythagoras' theorem is still in my head! :oD

I made another one.

And then another one.

What? Wait. What happened there?

Out came the seam ripper and I sewed it all back together the right way this time!

Then I wondered what would happen if I reversed the colours.

Oh my goodness. I love them!

I have quite a few bits cut out to make more stars - both with coloured stars and white stars - so I'm going to keep going with them until Miss Mojo returns.

This is my only embroidery this week. Again, my fingers are there for scale.

Yes, no matter what people say, Christmas is coming! :oD


  1. I'm glad to see that your sewing mojo hasn't left completely. I love the pouches, you should sew some of those for your shop, they'd be great for project bags and notion pouches.

  2. Well done with those cute pouches. The 2nd one is different and must be so useable. Love your stars and can't wait to see the end result. Take care.

  3. Oooo, those pouches could hold that ever so important 5p plastic carrier bag that for some reason is never near when you need one. Christmas present idea?? Have a wonderful weekend Anne xx

    1. I always have a cloth shopping bag wrapped up tight and held with a hair bauble tucked into my handbag! It's saved me many a 5p! LOL

  4. Hi Anne, I love seeing what you've been sewing. Those pouches are great and I love the measuring-tape fabric, how fun! I'm glad you're getting some of your mojo back. :)

  5. Anne. You said the C-word. How could you LOL!!! I LOVE your little stars. That is one of my all-time favorite quilt blocks -- I'm using the same little stars to make the baby quilt for my new little granddaughter. Your sewing mojo is taking a quilting break!!!

    1. I knew saying "Christmas" would put the jitters into some people! LOL How fun that you're making the same stars! :o)


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