Friday, 29 July 2016

berries, juice, a bag and a quilt

My camera has, yet again, come to my rescue reminding me of what I've been doing recently.

First of all, I got some strawberries for jam-making. I didn't make any jam - I just cleaned the berries, bagged them and put them in the freezer.

I used a couple of oranges to make some of Auntie Mary's orange juice - recipe is here.

Douglas and I finished a jigsaw.

I really enjoy doing jigsaws and we finally managed to find a table that we could leave the jigsaw out on all the time - much easier to finish the jigsaw if you can fit in a few pieces every time you pass the table.

This is the bag that made me think I could sell this type. Nothing more has been done on that front yet as I've been busy with a baby quilt this week - see later in this post for that.

I made (yet another) New Look 6344 top. This time the remnant only cost me £3 but it wasn't big enough to get sleeves out of it. I'm just as happy with the sleeveless version it's already been worn and is just as comfy as all the other versions I've made.

I sold another baby quilt - yay! The buyer asked me to send it directly to the new baby's parents with a note inside telling them who it was from. I used one of Debbie's drawings printed on a card for the note. Isn't that wee elephant adorable?

And finally, this is the baby quilt I've been working on this week to replace the one I sold. Strips of coloured fabrics and strips of white.

This is how it looked this morning with the strips all joined together …

Pinned and ready for quilting …

Quilted and ready for the binding … I *love* the bright green fleece on the back.

I hope to get the binding sewn on over the weekend and then get it photographed and loaded into the tartan bee.

It looks like I've been really busy but that's 2 weeks' worth of photos! In fact, if you peer at the strawberries in the first photo, you can see the sell-by date on them is the 16th of July. I would have bought them on the 12th of July - well over 2 weeks ago. Crumbs - time really does fly when you're having fun!


  1. Congratulations on selling another of your lovely quilts, I'm sure the new parents will be thrilled with it. It's years since I've done a jigsaw but I think they're really relaxing to do. My dad does them occasionally, he's got one of those rolls where you can put it away when you're not using it, they're handy things to have.

    1. Thanks, Jo. We have one of those rolls too but it means we have to clear off the dining room table to use it. It's much easier with the new (to us) table. In fact, Douglas is putting in a few bits as I type!

  2. I've just started a new jigsaw - they're so calming!
    Everything else is so beautiful - you are so multi-talented. :D I especially like the quilt. So pretty!

    1. Thanks, Beanie! I love doing jigsaws. Can't wait until we finish this one so we can do the clock shop one! :o)

  3. Even though you say, 2 weeks, you've still fitted in so much and put me to shame. That strippy baby quilt looks good, as does the pretty blouse. I just don't seem to make myself any clothes these days, which I used to do. Maybe it's because I seem to have so many now. I don't know, but I still have quite a bit of dress fabric. Hope the weekend is going well and take care.

    1. Thanks, Susan! I'm quite good at getting rid of clothes from my wardrobe so I always have room for more! Just as well probably! LOL

  4. Well, even for 2 weeks -- that's pretty busy! What a fun new little quilt -- I love the way you've arranged the fabrics and the pretty little prints!

  5. Catching up after another busy few days!! Love the bag and the top ...... and well done on selling a quilt! Love the new one!


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