Friday, 17 June 2016

tartan bee sewing

I managed to get all the sewing for the tartan bee done this week. I finished off the last 4 bags this morning. Yay! Today I got it all photographed and loaded into Etsy. More yays! Not only that but someone's actually bought one of the pinnies and one of the bags already. Even more yays!

Here's what I sewed and loaded in: Two each of all the shopping bags -

This is the bag that sold this afternoon so there's only one like this now.

Then the pinnies - one of each of these.

I LOVE these cows. They make me smile just looking at them!

This is the pinny that sold. I do have more of this fabric so I'll get another one made soon - hopefully!

All in all, a fruitful week of tartan beeing! Yay!


  1. I clicked on your shop link before reading the full post and the bag which caught my eye was the one which had sold, isn't that funny? I do like that fabric.

  2. Such lovely fabrics!! You have very nice things! xx

  3. Love the sheepies and cows!!

    1. I have no need for more pinnies or bags but I love those fabrics too and it was *really* hard to load them all in to the shop and not keep any for myself! :oD


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