Friday, 10 April 2015

photos of our trip

I finally made myself go through the photos of our days away and have picked out a few - is 15 a few? - to show you. As I said in another post, I decided I wasn't going to use my iPad when I was away and, similarly, I also decided I wasn't going to spend the whole time with my nose to my camera. I wanted to see things "for real" rather than through the lens of my camera. As a result, I only took 83 photos whereas Douglas, who didn't make the same decision as I did, took about 250 photos. Mind you, he has got photos of things that I haven't but my 83 covers it for me!

We went to Alnwick in Northumberland, England. On the way, we stopped at Bamburgh Castle. If I tell you that I had on a polo neck, a long-sleeved shirt, an aran cardigan, a winter coat, a hat, scarf, gloves and thermal longjohns under my trousers and I was still cold you'll get the idea that it was not a very nice day! These 2 photos of the outside of the castle don't really give the true picture of the coldness - the wind and rain coming in off the North Sea was fearsome!

There were lots of things to look at inside but this wallhanging really caught my eye. It was made by Russian soldiers from uniforms - yes, that is all made of teeny tiny pieces of woollen material. Amazing!

We arrived in Alnwick and got ourselves settled into our room. I didn't notice that my Nora Roberts book was lying on the bed when I took this photo! Very apt for the amount of quiet time I spent with my nose buried in that book! This is the blue room at Greycroft B & B in Alnwick. As I wrote in their guest book on our departure - "Amazing place, wonderful food, fabulous hosts".

My next photos are of Wallington - I loved this room - the murals around the walls were amazing!

Needless to say, the kitchen was my favourite room of all. It was huge and light and just perfect!

Not only was there an Aga but it was on. It was so cosy in that kitchen.

There was a whole room filled with dolls' houses. I think I looked through every single window in that room. Fascinating! Naturally, I thought this one was cool - see the sewing machine?

It being the Easter weekend, there was a hunt going on inside the house but it wasn't for eggs, it was for lambs. I think this one had the best place of all - on top of a beautiful log cabin quilt.

We also went to Howick Hall - the home of the Earl Grey of Earl Grey tea fame. The house isn't open to the public (yet) but the gardens were well worth the visit.

Some of the local residents -

There were a few plants we didn't recognise at all -

These looked like snowdrops but they were about 2 feet tall!

I couldn't help feeling we were there just a bit too early in the season. A lot of things were just coming or nearly coming. Even the daffodil hill wasn't quite out yet. We still enjoyed the day though. And - TMI - I went to the loo to take off my thermal longjohns! Woohoo!! LOL

My last photo is of the Union Chain Bridge across the Tweed. On one side is England and the other side is Scotland. I wonder what would have happened if the referendum had gone the other way - would we have needed passports to cross?

The bridge only allows one car at a time to cross. We were walking on it when cars went over and that was an experience, I can tell you. Talk about getting the wobbles!

So there you have it - or some of it. A lovely time was had by all! :o)


  1. Looks like a lovely getaway, despite the weather - but p,eased you got to shed your long johns at least for one day! ;-)
    Have a happy weekend,

    1. It was a wonderful getaway - and getting to take my thermals off was liberating! LOL

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time, but your description really did let me know how cold it was. The wallhanging is fabulous, all those tiny pieces of material, someone definitely had a lot of patience, and skill. Those first flowers are American skunk cabbage or lysichiton americanus, the second are trillium and the third are snowflakes.

    1. Thanks, Jo. I've heard of snowflakes but not the other two. :o)

  3. I showed the photos of the strange plants to Malcolm and said "do you recognise those" and of course he did as I took potos of them too!!

    1. LOL I did the same with Douglas and your post! :oD

  4. It sounds like a perfect holiday Anne! I love that log cabin quilt -- if I ever manage to make one, it will be smaller blocks like that one. And funny -- the painted wall in your B&B room looks like a quilt that Minnick and Simpson just did -- I wonder if they stayed there LOL!

    1. It was a great holiday, Anna. It seems so long ago - I want to go again! :oD


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