Wednesday, 1 April 2015

a bag and a quilt top

Yesterday I decided I wanted to make myself a new bag. Initially, I thought I wanted to make a patchwork bag using lots of the scraps that I can't seem to bring myself to throw away but I realised that would take longer to make than I wanted. I wanted something more instant.

So I dug into my box of "jeans bits and other random denims" and found a piece of embroidered denim which was perfect for my bag. This is what I made ... in an afternoon!

This is a close-up of the denim with the embroidery.

And here's the fabric I used on the inside.

Perfect for me! :oD

This morning, I got on with the baby quilt I cut all those masses of 4½" squares for last week. By lunchtime I had sewn all the rows:

And by the end of the afternoon, I had the whole top done.

I love "random" squares in a baby quilt. I always imagine the baby learning from his/her quilt about rabbits and cats and hobby horses and frogs etc etc. Fun times! :o)


  1. love the bag, and the quilt top is great perfect for a little one.

  2. What a wonderful bag, I love all the embroidery on the denim, and the lining too. The quilt's looking fab.

  3. beautiful bag, i love making baby quilts to

  4. Both brilliant, as ever but I really do love that bag. Are you sure you really like it????

  5. The bag looks wonderful and I love the colourful quilt. Ali xx


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