Wednesday, 30 October 2013

culottes - finished

I finished off the culottes yesterday. Here they are on me. I see myself wearing them with these boots a lot! Love them! :o)

I have now made one of the 7 blouses I cut out the other week. I've also got another one half made. I hope to get photos taken of those tomorrow. Fun times! :o)

Monday, 28 October 2013

16 pouches, a pincushion, a pair of culottes and some bunting

I have decided that 16 wee make-up bags is enough for Debbie's soap shop stall for now. I must say, I think they look quite cool on the piano lid! :oD

I decided the next thing I wanted to make - for myself!! - was a pincushion. I dug out my Maths set and drew a circle, divided it into 8 equal parts and cut those out.

I then cut those shapes out of scraps.

I sewed them together to make a circle:

Put a back on it, stuffed it and added a fancy flower thing to cover the centre. I *LOVE* it! :o)

Today's sewing consisted of a pair of culottes for me. This is the pattern I'm using:

I just need to put up the hems and give them a press and they're good to go. This isn't a very good photo but I hope to get the hemming and pressing done tomorrow so I might even take a photo of myself wearing them after I've done all that.

And I'm not the only one who's been sewing today. Debbie has been busy making some bunting for her stall. Looking good so far!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

make-up bags for the wee soap shop

Debbie is taking a table at a charity event in November where she hopes to sell some of her wee soap shop soaps. She asked me if I would make a few wee make-up bags for her to sell which she could put a bar of soap into. We decided that 10 would be a good number to go for so we set about choosing 10 fabrics, 10 linings and 10 zips.

I've finished 6 of them. Here they are closed:

And open so you can see the colour of the linings:

I have 3 ready for me to do the hand-finishing - these are inside out:

And there's one more to make:

I'm not bored with these yet so I can see myself making more of them. Fun times! :o)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

more bags and a teeny, tiny snail

I made some more bags yesterday - I can almost see the bottom of the crate I put them all in when I cut them out back in June. Yay!

I made 3 like this:

And 2 like this:

I've loaded the first lot along with the ones I made the other day into the tartan bee shop. The stripey ones haven't been loaded in as certain people who are living here are thinking about whether or not they'd like them. I've told them they'd have to pay me for them so that might sway the decision! :oD

Now the teeny, tiny snail. He - she? - was on the garage wall this morning. I showed my finger so you could see how really teeny, tiny he - she? - is. Awwww, cute! :o)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

blouses, bags and a tree

Since I was here last - nearly a week ago!! - I've cut out 4 more blouses - no photo of those for some reason! I now have 7 blouses sitting in the pile waiting for me to sew them up. Some day. :o)

I've made a few more bags for my wee shop. 3 like this:

And 3 like this.

I hope to get the photos taken for the shop tomorrow so I can get them listed. It was so dark and dismal today, it was almost like the middle of winter!

After the bags, I decided to make a tree decoration like the one I made last year. It's not quite finished yet but it's getting there.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

4 more stockings and 4 holes for a belt!

On Monday afternoon I decided I would make another 4 Christmas stockings but instead of green linings and backing like I'd used in the last 4 I'd made, I'd use red. That meant I needed 176 x 2½" squares of Christmassy fabrics - each stocking needs 44. I had some already cut but not enough so I got busy with the rotary cutter. By the end of the afternoon, I had 4 baskets each containing enough squares for one stocking.

My Tuesday afternoon's sewing saw me stitching all those 176 squares together in their stocking shapes and then pinning them to wadding and calico for backing.

This morning I got them all quilted together, the linings made, the backings put on and the linings inserted. After lunch, I hand-sewed the openings closed and top-stitched around the tops of the stockings. And here are the finished results:

After I'd finished the stockings, I was pondering on what to start next when I remembered I'd told Debbie I'd make the 4 holes in the capelet she had made to carry the belt. I also had the belt to make and the belt loop!

The holes were basically (big) bound buttonholes and I knew how to do that. I must admit, I was really pleased with how well they all turned out. This is one of the front ones:

And this is the belt loop and the 2 holes at the back of the capelet.

When Debbie tried it on, the capelet fitted her so much better than it did before so, hopefully, she'll get the wear out of it now. :o)

Sunday, 6 October 2013

new bag ... for me!!

I decided that I needed to make myself a new bag and set to on Friday to make a start. I used the free pattern for the "for pleat's sake" tote which I had saved to my computer in February 2012. Definitely time to use it!

I've no pictures of the making of the bag but this is how the finished bag looks. I LOVE it!!

This shows the fabric I used for the inside and for the flower I put on the outside.

The ring you can see just above and to the right of the label is where I hang my keys from. My keyring has one of those clips on it like on the end of a dog's lead and it just clips on to the ring. It means I don't need to scrabble around in my bag to find my keys when I get back to the car!

Both girls have decided that they would like one of these bags for Christmas so I've told them they need to decide on the fabrics and handles (I got mine here) so I can get them done with plenty time to spare.

One thing I have to note here (to remind myself as much as anything else!) - I didn't like the way the pleats looked on the original bag - all 6 (on each side) lay in the same direction and that bothered me for some reason. So I folded 3 pleats one way and 3 the opposite way and I liked the look of that much better.

Oh and the pattern for the bag advises the maker not to use anything heavier than quilting weight fabric as it would be hard to make the pleats. Well, I used tweed as my outer fabric and it worked just fine for me. I never was very good at doing what I was told! :oD

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

stockings and blouses - 4 of each!

Well, I've got 4 stockings made and, even if I do say so myself, they're fab! (Excuse the bad light in the photos. It seems that there's been very little daylight today!)

And here's a close up of each one.

I need to get decent photos before I can load them into the tartan bee shop so I hope the light improves soon! I think that might be a song I'll be singing for most of the autumn/winter!

So, after all that Christmas sewing, I decided my next projects would be some dressmaking - for me. I dug into the piles of fabric and dug out some that I wanted to make blouses with. I got three cut out this afternoon. The top one is a really bonnie grey colour - not the washed out colour the photo would have you believe!

And I hope to get this one cut out tomorrow.

I'm not going to force myself to get these done quickly but, at least if they're cut out, I know I can get on with them if and when I feel like it! :o)